AdWords Introduces Shared Negative Keywords Across Accounts

Google has recently added another feature for Manager Accounts (Formerly known as My Client Center, or MCC). Now you can create and share negative keyword lists across accounts.

Advertisers will no longer have to add the same lists of negative keyword accounts manually or make use of a script to automate this laborious task. For accounts in a Manager Account, you can set up negative keyword lists within the Manager Account's shared library that can then be associated to the individual accounts within. 


How It Works

Create a Manager Account negative keyword list by navigating to Negative keywords lists section within the Shared library of your Manager Account. Name the negative keyword list and enter your negative keywords - ensure you include square brackets around keywords to denote exact match terms and quotation marks for phrase match, then save.

Once the list is created, you’ll then have to have to apply it to campaigns within the individual accounts. Keep in mind that Manager Account lists will show up in the Shared library of each AdWords account with the label “Shared from a manager account.” Just like any other list found under the Share Library navigation panel, click the check box next to it to apply it to specific campaigns within that account.

This feature is one of the new enhancements that advertisers have been waiting for, and will help eliminate another time-consuming task within AdWords. We look forward to Google adding even more features to further help advertisers manage accounts and campaigns at scale in more efficient ways.

For more details you can visit the AdWords support page or reach out to us on Twitter @axiomdigital.