AdWords Moves From “Converted Clicks” to “Conversions”

Google has officially announced that “Converted Clicks” are being retired in March 2017.

The announcement isn’t a surprise for performance marketers, as last year Google decided to migrate Smart bidding capabilities from “Converted Clicks” to “Conversions,” and eliminated the “Conversion Bid Metric” setting from AdWords – a clear hint that this change was coming.

Google will also be removing the “Converted clicks,” “Click conversion rate,” “Cost/converted click,” and “Value/converted click” columns.

Advertisers will now benefit in full from the tracking and reporting capabilities this new change brings. By using “Conversions” instead of “Converted Clicks”, you will be able to report on the following in full:

·       Values of two clicks that lead to very different conversions

·       Store visits conversions

·       Cross-device conversions

These are just a few examples of the data you can report on by using “Conversions”.

#ProTip: If you are currently using “Converted Clicks” in reporting, automated rules, or scripts, make sure you update all your accounts from “Converted Clicks” to “Conversions” to guaranteed a smooth transition. Note that once the “Converted Clicks” columns have been removed, you will no longer be able to see this data in AdWords.

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