Airbnb partners with Twitter for the launch of #Periscope360

Airbnb has officially partnered with Twitter and Periscope to bring to live a new way to reach consumers: 360° Live Video.

Airbnb’s #Periscope360 is designed to inspire vacation-minded consumers towards traveling to Hawaii and Detroit. The company is also working with home rentals members in its first try at 360-degree video.

The San Francisco company successfully tweeted the first of several 360° live videos from London this past January 6th. The 37-minute video showed the spectators how to prepare a Cameroonian feast, and it has received over 1.1M videos to date, with over 1.9K likes and a total of 773 retweets. Here’s what the live feed looked like:


Here’s what Jasmine Atherton, Airbnb's Head of Social, Americas, told the Social Times about the initiative:

“What’s unique about bringing Airbnb experiences and homes onto the live space on Twitter and Periscope is that we’re able to bring people together. Airbnb was built on creating meaningful connections with people and having deeply local experiences. Live 360 on Periscope and Twitter is a perfect way to bring that to people no matter where they are.”

The three videos were broadcast live on Airbnb’s official Twitter account and on Periscope, and have thus far received more than 6M views. A very promising sign for Twitter and Airbnb.

We looking forward to seeing the kind of traction this “Tour” generates among users on Twitter and Periscope, and what the final numbers will be.

What do you think about Airbnb’s #Periscope360 idea? Have you spotted other brands using 360?