Bing Ads Launches Automated Imports

Bing Ads has announced the release of a new feature called Automated Imports, which gives advertisers the ability to set up campaigns within Google AdWords to automatically sync with Bing Ads.

Automated Imports is a major, and one of the most important enhancements that Bing has made to the Google import feature, as advertisers will no longer have to manually and constantly update changes made in their AdWords accounts.

How it Works

Simply go through your regular import process: sign in to your Google AdWrods account, select all the campaigns you would like to import and make any changes or adjustments in the import option section. At the end of the process, you’ll see the options to “Import Now”, at a later date and time, or on a recurring basis. When selecting the recurring basis, you’ll see three different options: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

After you hit the schedule button, you should see a summary confirming your import has been scheduled, when it will run and how often it will sync.

We have no doubt that this new feature will be extremely popular among advertisers that are managing their campaigns directly through Bing's user interface.

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