Bing Introduces Remarketing Exclusions

Bing just announced the release of an additional remarketing feature – Exclusions. This new feature gives advertisers the ability to exclude specific audience lists from their campaigns.

Performance advertisers are now able to create specific Exclusion lists and show relevant ads to either other remarketing audiences, or general searchers, while omitting those on their Exclusion list.

How might this be helpful? A few examples include omitting existing leads or customers from a lead gen campaign, or excluding existing fixed term customers until they approach the time to repurchase (e.g. magazine subscriptions).

Setting up Exclusions

To setup Exclusions, go to your ad groups tab, select the ad group you want to associate with a remarketing list, and then select add exclusion:

Select the remarketing list you want to exclude and save:

Bing began rolling out this feature on February 8th, so you should see it appear within your accounts in the coming weeks.

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