Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm

Facebook has announced a new change to the way they rank videos in the News Feed. They will now evaluate videos using a signal known as “percent completion,” which is essentially the percent of each video you watch.

Facebook’s goal is to understand which videos you enjoy the most, and deliver the rights stories, to the right people, at the right time.

“If you watch most or all of a video, that tells us that you found the video to be compelling — and we know that completing a longer video is a bigger commitment than completing a shorter one. As we continue to understand how our community consumes video, we’ve realized that we should therefore weight percent completion more heavily the longer a video is, to avoid penalizing longer videos.”

Facebook continues to update and improve their News Feed algorithm, and this new update reinforces their commitment to serve users the most relevant information. In the past, Facebook made several updates that included taking into account “Actions” – turn on sound, making the video full screen and enabling high definition – and other signals such as whether a video is live or not.

Facebook will be rolling out the new update gradually over the coming weeks, and while they have stated that most Pages will not see significant changes as a result of this update, we recommend to follow closely the performance of your longer videos using Page Analytics. Keep in mind that as a side effect, shorter videos may see a decrease in distribution. 

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