Google is Launching Automated Call Extensions in Mobile Ads

It hasn’t been two weeks since the start of the new year, and Google has officially announced the second major update to AdWords: call extensions will automatically pull phone numbers featured on landing pages. 

Advertisers started to receive the official notice from Google on Monday evening. You can check out a copy of the full email below:


As reinforced by a Google spokesperson, this change will not affect any campaigns that are currently using call extensions. However, you may see an increase in impression volume for call extensions starting February 6. 

A similar scenario will apply for advertisers that are currently using dynamic phone numbers on their landing pages, but aren’t using call extensions. Google will not generate automatic call extensions when dynamic phone numbers are detected on a landing page.

However, this change will directly affect advertisers that don’t want to pay for calls directed to the phone number listed on their landing pages or are not looking to generate calls via AdWords. In this case, advertisers have the option to opt out of Automated Call Extensions before the feature is fully implemented on February 6. 

How To opt Out

To opt out, check the “Do not use specific automated extensions for this account” option. This option is available at the bottom of the automated extensions report from the ad extension tab in Google AdWords. 


Note: You can still check this option after February 6, however, you may then need to remove any call extensions that were automatically generated by Google in the Ad extensions tab.

This new feature is one of a series of AdWords updates planned for call extensions in 2017, with location-specific call extensions also to be introduced, and Google signaling a desire to also explore conversion tracking on location-specific phone numbers, as reported by Search Engine Land earlier this year.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding location-specific phone numbers.