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Exceeding Revenue and ROI Targets for

The marketing team at StickerYou knew Paid Search could be a significant contributor to revenue growth. However, a below target ROI was limiting their ability to scale their program. After selecting Axiom Digital as their new Paid Search agency, their Search program achieved unprecedented revenue growth.


increase in revenue, first 30 days


increase in revenue, year-over-year


increase in ROI, year-over-year


Bringing custom stickers to the masses

StickerYou is a leading manufacturer and ecommerce retailer of custom stickers, labels, decals and temporary tattoos.  Delivering a fun, flexible and easy-to-use online design tool for people and businesses, StickerYou enables anyone to order products of any custom size, shape, and quantity easily and affordably.


Creating a scalable Paid Search program

With aggressive revenue targets planned, the inability to hit target ROI was proving problematic in allowing the Paid Search program to profitably scale. Revenue growth needed to be addressed quickly through an improved Paid Search and acquisition Display program.


A data-centered Search strategy

Following an in-depth analysis of historical data and user search behavior, Axiom identified high value search themes and keyword qualifiers that customers typically included in their search queries versus those who didn’t transact.

Based on the analysis, campaigns were re-built to focus on long-tail keywords across high value themes. The new campaign structure enabled considerable budget control and spend to be maximized across categories with the highest ROI.

Comprehensive use of Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA’s) added additional control of CPC bids across Search, Shopping and Dynamic Search campaigns. New ads and ad extensions were also developed and tested against historic ads to compliment and increase relevancy to search terms.

Dynamic Remarketing campaigns, which allowed previous site visitors to be shown ads featuring products they had viewed on StickerYou’s site, were also relaunched with new campaigns separately targeting previous site visitors versus those who had abandoned the site at checkout.


Sticking to a winning strategy

Performance gains were not only notable after 30 days, but continued to increase, generating significant year-over-year gains. 

As a result, StickerYou has succeeded in consistently meeting and exceeding Paid Search revenue and ROI targets, enabling their desired and continued growth within the channel.


First 30 days

  • 40% increase in revenue
  • 88% increase in ROI


  • 340% increase in revenue
  • 90% increase in ROI
  • 14% increase in revenue per ad click
  • 89% increase in CTR
  • 19% reduction in bounce rate

From strategy to execution, Axiom is clear and transparent. They not only keep us at the leading edge with new Search features and functionality, but have gone above and beyond to help us grow paid search revenue, and the results speak for themselves.”
— Andriy Starchenko, StickerYou

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